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House interiors 18th July 2012

Have had a great time this month making pictures at a  private residence that has some absolutely stunning construction and detailed timber work. Its great that there are people out there who are willing to commission this calibre of work!

Lying on the floor, inside the oval foyer!

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Nikon D800e July 2012

Picked up my Nikon D800 28th March ( the ‘E’ version was not being shipped yet)  and what a marvellous thing it is – scary but if you treat this camera with respect and dignity it will give you images that are really very  good. There’s been a lot of forum discussion about the D800E and that it was going to be all sorts of trouble but my friends at NPS lent me one for a few days to test.   And boy, oh, boy its fabulous!  The naysayers and camera forum junkies need to take a cold bath or possibly get out and use one of these cameras.

I spent a bit of time around The Rocks area in Sydney trying very hard to get the camera to produce Moire and wacko imaging artefacts but I couldn’t find any problems at all!

These 2 images below were made with my very loved Nikkor 24mm PC lens in good light.

The files are fantastic but this new D800 is not a point and shoot!


Images for Business Photography

Moree 12th June 2012

I make some pictures for a Variety Bash car, owned and run by the irrepressible Lee Estens (car 2400) and we get some pretty funny pictures of the car and the girls (more of that in another post)  – but I usually find some other things of interest as well – hence this storage facility of cotton bales.


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AIPP print awards 26th May 2012

Scored a Silver award for this image at the Australian professional photography awards  in Melbourne .  I do like this photo.  Creating this image and seeing it in print to illustrate industrial activity is why I get up in the morning!!  To me it shows how professional photographers create images under some trying and VERY unpredictable conditions – 3am, dark, cold, wet with a whole bunch of trucks delivering concrete beams to a construction project in South Western Sydney for a client.